About us

We are Codinter

We are a privately held company with the purpose of supplying products and services for the welding, cutting, automation and industrial finishing needs of the different market segments in the Americas.

Let us tell you in more detail about our organization.

This is what we do

Our business lines

We offer technological solutions for the mining, energy, metalworking and construction industries, among others.


Welding machines, consumables and accessories.

Industrial Finishing

Manual and automatic spray guns, electrostatic, etc.


Plasma cutting equipment, accessories and consumables.


Robots, cobots, carriages, mechanized arms and more.

We are Codinter organization

We started in 1979, supplying the Colombian automotive industry. We are now present in the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico. We have more than 25,000 customers in more than 125 countries.

Our Mission

Bringing progress to the industries and people of the American countries with innovative technology solutions to make them safer, more efficient and more profitable.

Our Vision

To grow as a socially responsible organization to benefit industries and people of the American countries through products and services that exceed their development needs.

Our values

We are committed to fullful our customers, partners, associates, and the environment needs.

We never give up. We always find solutions where others see problems.

We do the right thing. We are transparent.

Always ready to help our clients and workmates, respectfully.

Codinter in the world

Codinter is close to you

A multinational organization

We are proud to announce the starting of business in Mexico in 2023. We continue on our unstoppable path of growth.

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Numbers do not lie

Some of Codinter's numbers

Our value proposal is to provide quality products and services for industrial and personal use in a simple and friendly way, with a glocal and personalized approach, agile attention, fair price and excellent customer service.


Customers around the world, with a strong presence in Latin America.


We sell to more than 125 countries, in all continents.


Portfolio with more than 180,000 items, from well-known brands.


Employees distributed in our 8 branches in 5 different countries.


Years of combined experience of our management team.


This 2024 we are celebrating our 45th anniversary.

It feels like yesterday

We are celebrating our 45th anniversary!

In these decades we have had the satisfaction of growing together with our customers. We have strived to provide solutions and bring progress to the industries and communities in which we are present. We thank you for your support and trust all this time. May these 45 years pave the way for a fruitful and lasting relationship with you, our valued customer.

Long story short

This is how it happened

The Codinter organization is a family business that started operations in 1979 in Colombia with the manufacture of auto parts for the automotive industry.

Later it incorporated to its business the distribution of products and services related to the manufacturing and maintenance industry, such as equipment for welding, cutting, drilling, bending, punching, rolling and painting as well as all its accessories and consumables, including the local support that accompanies our customers with our value added services.

Since 1985 it decided to expand its coverage beyond the Colombian borders and opened operations in the neighboring country, Venezuela. Subsequently, in 1997 it opened operations in the United States from where it covers more than 125 countries in all continents. More recently, in December 2017, it opened operations in the Brazilian market and in 2023 in the Mexican market.

Now, the second generation of the family is at the helm of this organization. It takes the leadership of this entrepreneur and seeks to continue with the geographic growth in promising markets to expand its solutions in different sectors to ensure the development of both the company and its employees.

A man, a vision

The founder of Codinter, Mr. Luis Enrique Cadena, is a metallurgical engineer with experience in the automotive and manufacturing industry.

Thanks to his ambitious goals, and leading an interdisciplinary work team, he has motivated the organization to sustainable growth with an organizational culture based on continuous improvement, to always meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.


A picture is worth a thousand words

More than just a group of companies, the Codinter organization is a family where each member gets a place to develop professionally. We are proud to have many colleagues who have made their entire professional career in Codinter.

We are going for more in 2024

What's coming up...

Everyone in the Codinter organization was very happy to see the start of operations in Brazil in 2017 and in Mexico in 2023, to speak only of the most recent achievements. Our growth path will not stop there. Right now we are developing the projects that will shape our future. These will be revealed in due course.

You will soon find out

You will soon find out

You will soon find out

We have a lot to offer

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We differentiate ourselves by our excellent service. You, our customer, are the center of all our actions. That is why we put at your disposal all the resources you may need, to help you in your production process.