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Hypertherm Powermax SYNC™ Plasma Cutting Systems

The line of Hypertherm Powermax SYNC™ equipment is changing the way plasma cutting is done.

The best plasma cutting system

Powermax SYNC™ Systems are avalailable now

Easily distinguish one from the other

How to spot counterfeit Hypertherm products

Hypertherm has revealed a number of features that make it easy to distinguish genuine products from fakes. Some of them can be seen in the attached images. You can download that document as a PDF and read Hypertherm’s press release.

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Reasons and more reasons

Key benefits of the Powermax SYNC™ Systems


Cartridges are color coded for easy identification. Smart SYNC™ torches automatically adjust amperage.


Downtime due to change of consumables is minimized. The new cartridges offer up to double the useful life and a higher quality in the cut.


The cartridge indicates how much life is left. The cartridge performance log can be accessed to view usage patterns and arc time.

Use only genuine Hypertherm consumables

Genuine Hypertherm consumables save you time and money

With genuine Hypertherm consumables, with a longer and predictable life, downtime will be fewer and shorter.

Although the investment at the time of purchase may be slightly higher, the durability and security it offers more than compensates for the price paid.

Plus, using genuine Hypertherm consumables will always result in better cut quality.

We are experts in Hypertherm

We are an award winning Hypertherm distributor

Once a year Hypertherm selects one of its global business partners to honor with the Dick Couch Award for their success in innovation and growth.

We are very proud to inform that Codinter has been chosen as the winner of the year 2021 for its achievements in 2019 and we have decided to celebrate this award with you, our clients and collaborators.

We got all the numbers

We know which part number is right for your equipment.

In these sections we have included the list of consumables for Hypertherm manual and mechanized plasma cutting, ordered by equipment.

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