Welding and Cutting Solutions

Welding and cutting are two activities that are closely linked to each other in industrial processes.

It could almost be said that every company or workshop that executes one of these activities also requires the other.

In fact, many manufacturers of welding equipment, accessories, and consumables also produce what is needed for cutting.

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What is welding?

In a nutshell, welding is the action of joining metals permanently by means of an electric arc and using a supply material.

Welding is an industrial process that has been in use for more than a century. However, by the time of the 1st and 2nd world wars the technology used for welding increased considerably.

Some of the most commonly used welding processes are MIG, TIG and STICK, well known for their acronym in English.

Nowadays the new investment technology has reduced the size and weight of the equipment and it is even common to see robots executing welding in manufacturing plants.

What is cutting?

It is the action of perforating a sheet of metal in a controlled manner in order to obtain a specific result.

There are several systems capable of cutting metal. Depending on the thickness of the sheet to be cut, the desired precision and the budget that is available, one or the other could be appropriate.

Plasma, laser and water cutting are among the most common cutting systems worldwide.

Also depending on the magnitude of the work to be done, manual plasma cutting systems, semi-automated systems or fully automated systems can be used by cutting tables.

Codinter is the ideal supplier of industrial finishing equipment, products, accessories and consumables. We are distributors of Binks, Devilbiss, Ransburg, MS, and BGK. We distribute spray guns, electrostatic spray guns, automotive spray guns, industrial paint pumps, and everything you need for industrial finishing application.

Welding Equipment, Accessories and Consumables

Welding is one of the most important industrial activities worldwide.

Virtually every product made of metal requires that some of its parts be welded.

Welding is necessary both for the production and maintenance of the facilities of manufacturing plants of all kinds of products

For each of these needs there are different processes and types of welding, which use different equipment, accessories and consumables.

Whatever the size of your plant, or the type of application you need to run, we have everything you need in welding.

Since we have been working on this since 1979 we are experts in welding, so we are able to advise you to get what really suits you best.

Welding Equipment, Accessories and Consumables

We have offices in the United States, Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela. We sell and ship to more than 90 countries, including Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Guyana, French Guiana, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname , Uruguay, Venezuela and the Caribbean.

Cutting Equipment, Accessories and Consumables

There are several cutting systems available for industrial operations. There is the laser cutting, by water jet, oxy-fuel and plasma cutting.

Each of these systems can have a different purpose and quality. Likewise, each of them has been invented and improved at its own time.

However, the one with the greatest popularity is plasma cutting. The quality of this type of cut is very good and the execution price is reasonable.

Another reason for its popularity is that it can be produced fast enough to meet an industrial demand.

Of course, within the category of plasma cutting itself there are a variety of equipment, accessories and consumables that can be purchased.

Some plasma cutting equipment has been developed for manual use, and others for mechanized use.

The production needs of the company are what determine which plasma cutting system will be the most appropriate.

In any case, a conversation with one of our experts may be the key to determine what you need for the present and future of your company.

You can be sure that we know and have what you need for plasma cutting.

Find here the list of mechanized plasma cutting consumables.

Find here the list of handheld plasma cutting consumables.

Codinter have over 40 years supplying the best products for industries. We are expanding in products and markets. We not only are mean to sell products, but also offer services you need to improve your workshop efficiency. Our team is specialized in industrial finishing solutions. Save time and money with us.

Cutting tables for light, medium and heavy duty

A cutting system for light work can be a necessity for any workshop, contractor, metalworker or even artist who has been using oxycorte so far.

The difference can feel you in quality and quantity. The work is completed in less time and with higher quality.

Now, when cutting becomes a regular activity in any company, at least one medium-sized cutting table may be the solution.

In this way automation begins to play a more important role in the production of the company.

Every developing company will eventually need to expand its production capacity. At that time a heavy-duty plasma cutting system becomes essential.

Whatever the size of your company right now, we have the appropriate solution for your cutting needs.

Equipment and solutions for your coating, corrosion protection or finishing needs.

Programmable tools that will improve accuracy, precision and quality of your welding and cutting processes.

Wide range of products designed for oil applications including welding, cutting and protective coatings.

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