The best medium duty plasma cutting tables in 2023

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The best medium duty plasma cutting tables in 2023

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In their growing path, at some point every manufacturing company will have the need to enhance its cutting capacity, and a medium duty plasma cutting table can be precisely what they need. Probably they have used some light duty equipment for some time, which might still be working fine, but it is falling short regarding production. The need for increasing production is a good-to-have problem.

Now, when it comes to plasma cutting there is not a clear definition of what can be considered light, medium, or heavy. So, let’s first explain what we mean when we talk about a medium duty plasma cutting table, and what equipment could suit that description.

Plasma cutting systems are not created equal

This subheading is meant to state that there are fundamental differences between plasma cutting systems, due to their capacity and quality. The manufacturers, like Hypertherm, create equipment that could satisfy any possible need, since the small hobbyist to the mega operation a global company can have in place.

The capacity of a plasma cutting system refers to the thickness it can cut, the speed that it can reach, and the versatility of the materials that it can handle. Every single cutting power source has a recommended cutting thickness, that should not be surpassed. This also is reflected in the speed it can reach. For example, the Powermax65 SYNC has a recommended cutting thickness up to 20 mm (3/4″) at 500 mm/min (20 ipm). Meanwhile, in a similar speed the XPR300, which is a cutting power source for automated systems, has a recommended cutting thickness up to 38-50 mm (1 1/2-2”), according to the material to be cut. If any of these power sources are going to cut anything thicker than that, their speed would decrease.

The versatility of the materials to be cut also must be reviewed before deciding on one power source or the other. Do you only need to cut mild steel? Is stainless steel one of the materials to be cut? Is it possible that you might need to cut aluminum? All these questions need to be answered before deciding upon a specific piece of cutting equipment.

In a previous article we discussed what a light duty plasma cutting system could be. For many companies, it represents their starting point in plasma cutting. Now, allow us to explain what can be considered a medium duty plasma cutting table.

The most reliable cutting process

Plasma cutting has never been easier

What would be a medium-duty plasma cutting table?

Here are some general characteristics of a medium-duty plasma cutting table:

Cutting capacity: A medium-duty plasma cutting table can typically cut metal sheets that are between 1/8 inch (3 mm) and 1 inch (25 mm) thick.

Table size: These tables are typically smaller than heavy-duty cutting tables, with a working area of around 4 feet by 8 feet (1.2 meters by 2.4 meters).

Cutting speed: They typically have a moderate cutting speed, ranging from 10 to 100 inches per minute (IPM). This capacity comes from the power source that is connected to them.

Power supply: The power supply for these tables typically ranges from 30 to 100 amps.

Automation: These tables can be manually operated or may be equipped with some level of automation, such as CNC controls, to improve cutting accuracy and efficiency.

With this in mind, let’s review some medium duty cutting tables available out there.

Plasma cutting table Extreme Econocut

The Extreme Econocut is a highly durable 3.5 x 10 Mt heavy-duty plasma cutting table with a CNC system. It is designed to support 2,900 mm (about 9.51 ft) x 8,000 mm (about 26.25 ft) sheets of up to 1 1/2 inches (38 mm) with a weight of approximately 1,400 kg (about 3086.47 lb).

The industrial CNC control comes with an LCD screen and casing that is highly resistant to vibration, heat and dust. It also comes with internal software with an extensive library of cuts. It has a plasma arc height control system with an anti-collision system. For oxyfuel, the height control system is by capacitance.

The Extreme Econocut table uses one servomotor on its transversal axis and two servomotors for longitudinal movements. The plasma cut thickness is set depending on the power of the source. In oxyfuel, the thickness is 6~200 mm (about 7.87 in).

Plasma cutting table Extreme Econocut

Basic Features

The Extreme Econocut is built with an industrial CNC control featuring an LCD screen with a casing that is highly resistant to vibration, heat and dust. It also comes with internal software with an extensive library of cuts.

It has a plasma arc height control system with an anti-collision system. For oxyfuel the height control system is by capacitance. The Extreme Econocut table uses one servo motor on its transversal axis and two servo motors for longitudinal movements.

The plasma cut thickness is set depending on the power of the source. For oxyfuel the thickness is 6~200mm (flame cutting).

Mechanical System Features

The Extreme Econocut features a transversal frame in steel, robust and rigid, with heat treatment to protect against distortion. It includes a plaice next to the controls so that the operator does not have blind spots on the table, but rather fully controls the cut.

Both the transversal and longitudinal guides adopt high-strength steel, with heat treatment that ensures a solid and highly durable component. The servomotors, which have a precise reducer, in conjunction with the rack, provide high cutting precision.

The height of the torches is controlled by a high precision, maintenance free through ball screw guide. Includes a highly durable cable management guide for routing gas hoses, plasma torch cables, and auxiliary system electrical harnesses.

Technical Specifications

Input voltage: 220V 3F

Machine dimension: 3,500 mm (about 11.48 ft) x 10,000 mm (about 32.81 ft)

Effective cutting dimension: 2,900 mm (about 9.51 ft) x 8,000 mm (about 26.25 ft)

Maximum cutting speed: 12,000 mm (about 39.37 ft)/min

Nesting program: NestMaster

Compatible nesting software: FastCAM / MTC / TurboNest

Supported drawing software: Autocad / Tekla / Solidworks

Weight: 1,200 kg (about 2.645.54 lb).

FastCAM Software

FastCAM is a long-established Australian software for shape cutting on sheet metal. It is easier to use than other cutting systems. Editing is easy and geometry verification combined with a nesting step make this software instantly productive.

FastCAM offers FastCAM drawing, FastNEST auto nesting, FASTPATH auto pathing, and FastPLOT verification. FastCAM software reads and edits DXF and DWG files. The FastNEST and FastPLOT functions support autonesting and allow to execute the code to verify respectively.

Pathing, true form nesting, code verification and NC generation make this software the most complete low-cost solution for profile cutting. Even on large and complex construction jobs, where heavy plates are used, the FastCAM software works flawlessly.

Plasma cutting table Extreme Tekcut

The Extreme Tekcut is a plasma cutting table that can also be used with oxyfuel. It has a friendly interface and comes with nesting software.

Plasma cutting table Extreme Tekcut

Basic Features

  • It can be used both plasma and oxyfuel
  • Friendly interface
  • Nesting software
  • Easy installation

Technical Specifications

Applications: Plasma cutting, Oxyfuel

Input voltage (V / Hz): 220 V – 50/60 hz

Input capacity (KW): 1 KW

Effective cutting width: 2,500 mm (98 in)

Distance between rails: 3,250 mm (128 in)

Effective cutting length (Adjustable length): 6,200 mm (244 in)

Total length of the table: 7,500 mm (295 inches)

CNC controller: HG616T

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, French, Danish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese

CNC monitor: 10″ color monitor with USB port

Remote control: Available

Nesting program: FastCAM Pro with automatic nesting

Cutting mode: Plasma and Oxyfuel

Positioning speed (mm/min): 6,000 mm/min (236 in/min)

Accuracy: Positioning 0.5 mm / Repeatability 0.2 mm

Maximum thickness of the cut with flame cutting: 5-80 mm

Power Source Options: Powermax45, 65, 85, 105, 125 and MAXPRO200

Plasma Torch Height Controller: Arc Voltage Type

Flame Cutting Torch Height Controller: Capacitor Type

Worktable (optional): Worktable / Supports for Y-rail

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Power sources for these medium duty plasma cutting tables

Depending on the needs, different power sources can be used with any of these plasma cutting tables. We can mention here (and we are going to elaborate on all of them) the Powermax105 SYNC, the Powermax125, and the MAXPRO200, all of them from Hypertherm.

Applications for any of these plasma cutters

Drag cutting: For dragging the torch directly across the work piece.

Fine feature cutting: For narrow kerf width with minimal dross and heat affected zone.

Flush cutting: For cutting closer to base materials using a 45 degree.

Max control gouging: For precise metal removal, shallower gouge profiles and light metal washing.

Max removal gouging: For aggressive metal removal, deep gouge profiles, and extreme metal washing.

Mechanized cutting: For portable automation and table cutting.

Hypertherm Powermax105 SYNC

The Powermax105 SYNC® is a next-generation, professional-grade air plasma cutter that dramatically simplifies system operation for cutting and gouging up to 32 mm (1-1/4″).

It features automated system process set-up via advanced RFID-enabled SmartSYNC® torches, and a revolutionary single-piece cartridge consumable that provides trackable utilization data.

The Powermax105 SYNC maximizes productivity through reductions in downtime, optimized cut quality performance, and streamlined consumable inventory management.

Hypertherm Powermax105 SYNC

Cut capacity

CapacityThicknessCut speed
Recommended32 mm (1-1/4″)500 mm/min (20 ipm)
38 mm (1-1/2″)250 mm/min (10 ipm)
Severance (hand cutting)50 mm (2″)125 mm/min (5 ipm)
Pierce*22 mm (7/8″)

*Pierce rating for handheld cutting, or mechanized cutting with programmable torch height control.

Maximum removal gouging

CapacityMetal removal rateGouge profile
Typical gouge8.6 kg (19.1 lbs.) per hour6.6 mm D x 6.0 mm W (0.26″ D x 0.24″ W)

General specifications

Input voltages200–600 V, 3-PH, 50/60 Hz
Kilowatt output16.8 kW
Input current200/208/240/480/600 V, 3-PH 58/56/49/25/22 A @ 16.8 kW
Output current30–105 A
Rated output voltage160 VDC
Duty cycle @ 104° F70% @ 105 A, 240 V, 3-PH
80% @ 105 A, 480–600 V, 3-PH
100% @ 94 A, 480–600 V, 3-PH
100% @ 88 A, 240 V, 3-PH
Open circuit voltage (OCV)300 VDC
Dimensions with handles592 mm D; 274 mm W; 508 mm H (23.3″ D; 10.8″ W; 20.0″ H)
Weight w/7,6 m (25′) torch45.3 kg (95 lbs.)
Gas supplyClean, dry, oil-free air or nitrogen
Optimum inlet gas pressure7.6–8.3 bar (110–120 psi)
Minimum inlet gas pressure5.5 bar (80 psi)
Recommended inlet gas flow rateCutting: 260 I/min @ 5.9 bar (550 scfh, 9.2 scfm @ 90 psi)
Gouging: 260 I/min @ 4.8 bar (550 scfh, 9.2 scfm @ 70 psi)
Input power cable length3 m (10′)
Power supply typeInverter–IGBT
Engine drive requirement30 kW for full 105 A output
CertificationsCSA-certified for use in the Americas and Asia, except China
WarrantyPower supplies have a 3-year warranty and torches a 1-year warranty

Hypertherm Powermax125

The Powermax125® plasma system cuts thick metals fast, delivering maximum power and performance for air plasma.

Able to make short work of the toughest cutting and gouging jobs, the system offers a 100% duty cycle, a 25 mm (1″) mechanized pierce capability, and fast gouging metal removal.

It also gives you the latest technological innovations, such as Smart Sense™ technology to automatically adjust the gas pressure. Eleven Duramax® Hyamp™ torch styles provide versatility for hand cutting, portable automation, X-Y table cutting, extended reach cutting, and robotic cutting and gouging.

Hypertherm Powermax125

General specifications

Input voltagesCSA480/600 V, 3-PH, 50/60 Hz
CE400 V, 3-PH, 50/60 Hz
CCC380 V, 3-PH, 50/60 Hz
Input current @ 21.9 kW300/400/480/600 V, 38/36/31/24 A
Output current30–125 A
Rated output voltage175 VDC
Duty cycle @ 40° C (104° F)100% @ 125 A
Open circuit voltage (OCV)400/600 CSA: 320 VDC
380 V CCC: 290 VDC
400 V CE: 305 VDC
Dimensions with handles592 mm D; 274 mm W; 508 mm H (23.3″ D; 10.8″ W; 20.0″ H)
Weight with 7.6 m (25′) torch480 V, 47,9 kg (105.7 lbs.)
600 V, 47,5 kg (104.7 lbs.)
380 V, 45,2 kg (99.6 lbs.)
400 V, 48,9 kg (107.8 lbs.)
Gas supplyClean, dry, oil-free air or nitrogen
Recommended gas inlet flow rate/pressureCutting: 260 l/min (550 scfh) @ 5.9 bar (85 psi)
Gouging: 212 l/min (450 scfh) @ 4.1 bar (60 psi)
Input power cable length3 m (10′) *
Power supply typeInverter – IGBT
Engine drive requirement40 kW for full 125 A output
CertificationsCSA-certified for use in the Americas and Asia, except China.
CE, C-Tick, CU/GOST, Ukr, and Serbian – for use in Europe, Australia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, and other countries where accepted.
CCC for use in China.
WarrantyPower supplies have a 3-year warranty and torches a 1-year warranty.

*No power cord on some CCC models.

Engine-driven generator operation

Engine drive ratingSystem output currentPerformance (arc stretch)
40 kW125 AFull
30 kW125 ALimited
30 kW100 AFull
25 kW100 ALimited
22.5 kW75 AFull
20 kW75 ALimited
20 kW60 AFull
15 kW60 ALimited
12 kW40 AFull
10 kW40 ALimited
10 kW30 AFull
8 kW30 ALimited


CapacityThicknessCut speed
Recommended38 mm (1-1/2″)457 mm/min (18 ipm)
44 mm (1-3/4″)250 mm/min (10 ipm)
Severance (hand cutting)57 mm (2-1/4″)125 mm/min (5 ipm)
Pierce *25 mm (1″)

* Pierce rating for handheld use or with automatic torch height control.

CapacityMetal removal rateGroove profile
Typical gouge12,52 kg/hr (27.6 lbs./hr)4,3 mm–7,9 mm D x 6,1 mm–9,9 mm W (0.17–0.31″ D x 0.24–0.39″ W)

Hypertherm MAXPRO200

The MAXPRO200® LongLife® plasma cutting system is engineered for heavy-duty, high capacity automated and handheld cutting and gouging applications.

The easy-to-use system operates with either air, oxygen, or nitrogen plasma gas, and combines fast cutting speeds and quick process changes to maximize productivity.

Advanced Hypertherm consumable designs – including LongLife® technology – improve cut consistency and significantly increase consumable life to lower your cost per part.

Hypertherm MAXPRO200

General specifications

Input voltages200/208 VAC, 3-PH, 50 Hz, 108/104 A
220 VAC, 3-PH, 50 – 60 Hz, 98 A
240 VAC, 3-PH, 60 Hz, 90 A
380 VAC, 3-PH, 50 Hz, 57 A
400 VAC, CE, 3-PH, 50 – 60 Hz, 54 A
415 VAC, CE, 3-PH, 50 Hz, 52 A
440 VAC, 3-PH, 50 – 60 Hz, 49 A
480 VAC, 3-PH, 60 Hz, 45 A
600 VAC, 3-PH, 60 Hz, 36 A
Output voltage50 – 165 VDC
Maximum output current200 A
Duty cycle rating100% @ 33 kW, at 40° C (104° F)
Operating temperature-10° C to 40° C (+14° F to +104° F)
Power factor0.98 @ 33 kW output
Maximum OCV360 VDC
Dimensions102 cm (40.14") H, 69 cm (27.12") W, 105 cm (41.23") L
Weight335 kg (740 lbs)
Gas supply
&nbsp&nbsp&nbspPlasma gas
&nbsp&nbsp&nbspShield gas
&nbsp&nbsp&nbspSupply gas pressure

Air, O2, N2
Air, N2
6.2 +/- 0.7 bar (90 +/- 10 psig)

When medium duty is not enough

Growing is a path any company wants to pursue. So, most likely, at some point the medium duty plasma cutting system set in place can turn out to be insufficient. Probably production has increased, or the need for high definition is urgent.

In any case, here we are for your needs. We have several decades helping companies to set in place plasma cutting systems of all sizes. We certainly can help you out too.

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