Hypertherm Powermax SYNC™ Plasma Cutting Cartridges

Hypertherm’s new Powermax SYNC™ line of consumables is changing the way plasma cutting is done with its revolutionary one-piece design. You’ll see how easy it is to manage your supplies inventory. Select your cartridge and with a simple screw on the torch, you are ready to work.

Hypertherm Powermax SYNC™ Plasma Cutting Cartridges

Hypertherm’s new Powermax SYNC™ line of consumables is changing the way plasma cutting is done with its revolutionary one-piece design. You’ll see how easy it is to manage your supplies inventory. Select your cartridge and with a simple screw on the torch, you are ready to work.

Benefits of the new Powermax SYNC™ cartridge's

Easy to use

Reduce operator training and troubleshooting time with fewer consumable parts to manage and replace.

Cartridges are color coded by application and have clear laser marking for process and amperage identification.

Upgrading Powermax45® XP/65/85/105 systems to a Hypertherm cartridge platform is easy with a torch adapter for Duramax® torches.


Enhanced productivity

The cartridge design has been improved to maximize performance and results, to achieve greater durability when manual cutting and to achieve optimum cut quality in mechanized cutting.

The cartridge provides useful usage data when used in conjunction with SmartSYNC™ torches and a Powermax SYNC™ system. The data can be used to improve cutting operations and identify opportunities to train operators.

Specialty cartridges for gouging, FlushCut™ and FineCut® expand the capabilities of Powermax systems.

Torch compatibility

It is fully compatible with all SmartSYNC™ torches; In addition, it allows the automated adjustment of processes and the transfer of data to the system.

An available cartridge reader accessory syncs with the Powermax SYNC™ mobile app to analyze performance data such as starts, transfers and arc-on times.

It has limited compatibility with Duramax and Duramax® Lock torches (found on the Powermax45 XP/65/85/105).

Key benefits of the Powermax SYNC™ Systems

See in this series of short videos the key advantages of Hypertherm’s Powermax SYNC™ equipment.


Cartridges are color coded for easy identification. Smart SYNC™ torches automatically adjust amperage.


Downtime due to change of consumables is minimized. The new cartridges offer up to double the useful life and a higher quality in the cut.


The cartridge indicates how much life is left. The cartridge performance log can be accessed to view usage patterns and arc time.

SmartSYNC™ Torches

With the simple installation of the consumables and the practical controls to adjust the power and the amperage on the manual models, the SmartSYNC™ torches for the new Powermax65/85/105 SYNC™ plasma systems from Hypertherm allow operators to change consumables and applications without having to return to the power  source.

It reduces the time to change consumables in at least 10 seconds and automatically adjusts the system to the cartridge, which minimizes the dead time, the location of problems, the waste and the training time.

SYNC™ Torches

For manual cutting and gouging

SmartSYNC™ torch controls are fast and allow the operator to adjust amperage on the fly and change consumables and applications without going back to the power source.

SmartSYNC™ 75° and 15° hand torches are suitable for a wide variety of applications such as gouging, surface finish cutting, long reach cutting and flush cutting.

The ergonomic design of the 75° torch is perfect for handheld cutting, while the 15° torch draws heat away from the operator on tough gouging jobs, making it possible to cut from above or in hard-to-reach places.

For mechanized cutting

SmartSYNC™ torches with the Hypertherm cartridge automatically set the correct amperage and operating mode, eliminating setting errors.

SmartSYNC™ full-length machine torches are compatible with a wide variety of CNC cutting tables, rail cutting systems, and pipe cutters.

Mini machine torches are perfectly suited for lighter benchtops and pipe cutting operations where the full length torch is too long.

For robotic cutting

The light weight, small footprint, and built-in positioning devices of SmartSYNC™ mini/robotic torches allow for easy integration and operation with lightweight robotic arms.

Optional clamps and robot controllers speed integration.

Hypertherm Explains

Hypertherm visited us to explain us all about the new Powermax SYNC™ equipment

In one of the events of the last Welding and Cutting Fair for Mechanization and Automation, held from October 18 to 22, 2021, Diego Fernández, as a representative of Hypertherm, showed us in detail the new Powermax SYNC™ cartridges and equipment. Right here is the video.

These accessories increase your productivity

Hypertherm cartridge reader

The Hypertherm cartridge reader works with the Powermax SYNC™ cartridge reader application, providing a simple process for reviewing data stored on Hypertherm cartridges.

The cartridge reader sits on the cartridge and works with your mobile device’s Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna to transfer the data stored on the cartridge to the app.

The data in the application can then be imported into the cartridges Excel data analysis tool, or a customer-created tool, to analyze performance for starts, transfers, arc-on time, and more. valuable cartridge data.

Analysis of this data allows customers to better understand cartridge usage and identify training opportunities for operators.

Hypertherm cartridge adapter

The cartridge adapter provides an optional upgrade to convert from standard consumables to the new Hypertherm consumable cartridge platform.

When you use the cartridge in a Duramax® or Duramax® Lock torch with the adapter, no cartridge data is transferred to the system for automated process tuning or to provide cartridge usage data. That functionality is available for Powermax® SYNC™ systems with SmartSYNC™ torch technology.

The product of 2021

Powermax SYNC™ Systems are avalailable now

The Powermax65, 85 and 105 models of the SYNC™ line are now available for sale. Order yours today.

Powermax65 SYNC™

Powermax65 SYNC™

Powermax85 SYNC™

Powermax85 SYNC™

Powermax105 SYNC™

Powermax105 SYNC™

Now is the time for you to update your plasma cutting systems

Powermax SYNC™ equipment is a new generation professional air plasma system that dramatically simplifies the operation of plasma cutting and gouging systems.

We have the knowledge and experience to advise you on which equipment to buy. Count on us to meet your needs for plasma cutting equipment and consumables.

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