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Automation is present in all industries, and is what allows processes to be safe and maintain their level of quality.

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Welding Robots

Welding robots have traditionally been used by large manufacturing companies, the automotive industry being the foremost. But today they are present in many other companies, performing a wide range of operations. When small and medium-sized companies acquire welding robots, they increase their production capacity and the quality of their products.

We are international representatives of OTC-Daihen and we have the necessary experience to recommend the welding robot you need, along with the cell, the JIG, and the fume extraction system. 

Welding Robots
Mechanized Welding Equipment

Mechanized Welding Equipment

Mechanized welding equipment (also called welding carriages) can be placed on tracks or magnetically attached to a surface. Tracks can be linear or circular, for flat surfaces, or vertical. Other similar equipment are those that perform orbital welding.

Some of these mechanized equipment perform very precise welds and even issue reports. Processes can be stored in memories, allowing them to be repeated with minimal human intervention. This allows this mechanized welding equipment to handle fast and with precision tasks that can be dangerous and very difficult for human operators to perform. 

Plate and Pipe Beveling

When joining 2 metal parts at an angle, a good weld can only be achieved if both parts have been beveled accurately and consistently. The opposite is also true: lack of filler penetration, lack of fusion or excessive welding is due to inadequate or excessive beveling.

Plate and pipe beveling equipment is indispensable to achieve a strong and robust weld. These equipment have been manufactured to meet most companies’ needs. Some are portable, making it possible to use them for mobile work.

Plate and Pipe Beveling
Choose the right welding consumables
Automation Accessories and Spare Parts

Automation Spare Parts, Accessories and Consumables

Robotic welding also needs spare parts, accessories and consumables to perform. Some of these accessories are special torches and JIG systems to move the parts to be welded. In many companies welding robots are placed in cells, to make more efficient use of space and movement of materials. There are predefined options for these cells, but usually they must be adapted to the space available and the operation to be performed.

Our experts can recommend exactly what is right for you, based on your particular needs. In addition, we can provide you with spare parts for your welding robots, when you need them. Over the decades we have helped a number of companies implement automation solutions with outstanding results. 

Process Control Instrumentation and Automation Equipment

Mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering projects require a range of automated process control equipment to measure and monitor flows, levels, pressure, temperature and liquid analysis.

Welding Consumables

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