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Manual and automated plasma cutting equipment is required for a large number of industries, including construction, energy, metalworking, mining, and more.

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Handheld Cutting Equipment

Handheld plasma cutting equipment is needed in a wide range of industries, including construction, energy, metalworking, mining and more.

The plasma cutting equipment you need may vary depending on the industry you are in, or the specific job you do. We can recommend the right one for your needs.

The world’s leading brand of plasma cutting equipment is Hypertherm, and we have been their international distributor for several decades.

Hypertherm Powermax105 SYNC
Handheld Cutting Equipment
Hypertherm MAXPRO200
Automated Cutting Equipment

Automated Cutting Equipment

When production ramps up, a power source for mechanized or automated cutting is needed. Hypertherm has several models of automated cutting equipment in its catalog to cover all possible options.

The difference between these mechanized cutting equipment is the thicknesses they can cut, the amperage they can reach, the materials they can cut, and the cut quality you can get. Contact us to define the right one for your needs.

Plasma Cutting Tables

A plasma cutting table is a necessity in any plant that transforms metals. This is because a cutting table allows the process to be automated. This way you can get consistently excellent quality, increase production speed and improve overall efficiency. 

There are various types and sizes of cutting tables. There is not such thing as one size fits all. For this reason, we advise our customers as to which model and power source they may need. We can also recommend and train you in the use of the appropriate cutting software, depending on the system of your choice. 

Plasma Cutting Tables
Laser cutting
Laser Cutting Tables

Laser Cutting Tables

Laser cutting is the highest quality in the metal processing industry sector. If your product requires exceptional cutting quality, you need a laser cutting table.

There are different laser cutting table options. Depending on the features, you will have the ability to cut some materials and reach some maximum thicknesses. The speed of the cut also increases when using a laser cutting table.

With over 40 years of experience, our sales team can help you make the best decision when purchasing your laser cutting table.

Plasma Cutting Accessories

In every project where plasma cutting systems are used, accessories are necessary. Among these accessories are manual and automated torches, adapters, and more. We represent Hypertherm and distribute their plasma cutting accessories at excellent prices and with fast turnaround.

Eventually, cutting equipment may need replacement parts. We can provide what you need at that time, so you can continue day-to-day business operations as quickly as possible.

Plasma Cutting Accessories
Plasma Cutting Consumables

Plasma Cutting Consumables

Timely replacement of plasma cutting consumables is essential for excellent cut quality. Among the most commonly requested plasma cutting consumables are electrodes and nozzles.

In 2021 Hypertherm introduced the SYNC system. Now, instead of using several different consumables, plasma cutting equipment uses only one cartridge, increasing quality and providing feedback on the job. We have available this cutting cartridges line. Take advantage of this new technology in your company.

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