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The mining industry is responsible for the extraction, transport, and processing of solid mineral elements that can be found naturally on our planet.

Among others, some minerals that are usually extracted are gold, coal, precious stones, and various types of metals.

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The mining industry is of great importance worldwide. Some countries like Chile and Indonesia, which have large reserves of some mineral, have the mining industry as the main engine of their economy. In the United States, the mining industry is also relevant. It is estimated that it generates approximately 1.1 million jobs.

It is obvious that there are reasons why the mining industry is important. Through it, we can obtain raw materials that, in many cases, cannot be manufactured synthetically.

Some of these minerals, such as platinum, copper, aluminum, and others, are key elements in the manufacture of aircraft, electronic products, and medical devices, just to name a few examples.

An essential use for many metals extracted by the mining industry is in the manufacture of medical devices. For instance, titanium is used to produce knee prostheses and other parts. Lithium is used to make pacemakers and defibrillator equipment. Other devices for medical use, such as scanners, MRI equipment, and more, require gold, silver, and copper for their manufacture. Clearly, the mining industry plays a decisive role in people’s health.

Types of mining

In a very broad sense, mining includes any operation that is carried out in order to extract minerals from the earth’s surface. However, we can divide this industry into two large groups.

A part of the industry is dedicated to the extraction of precious metals and stones. Some of these are gold, silver, diamond, platinum, and other precious stones. These are mainly used for making jewelry and luxury items.

Another part of the industry is the one that extracts metals for industrial applications, such as steel, copper, aluminum, etc. With these, you can manufacture, for example, electronic products for daily life.

Sectors within the mining industry
Sectors within the mining industry

Solutions for industries

Sectors within the mining industry

A good part of the mining industry today is concerned with extracting coal. Although public opinion tends to favor fuels that are considered alternatives to fossil fuels, the demand for coal to transform it into electricity has increased, especially in developing countries.

Another important sector within the mining industry is the extraction of metals for industrial use. Copper, aluminum, zinc, steel, and others add to the list of these metals that are used as raw materials in the manufacture of consumer products, and construction, as support for other industries, such as energy and everyday objects. like our own phones

Finally, a part of the mining industry is dedicated to the extraction of precious metals and stones. Some of these are gold, silver, platinum, diamond, rubies, etc. Since these are considered scarce, they can become commodities used to store wealth. They can also be used to make jewelry and luxury items that have an audience in rich countries.

Solutions for industries

Systems within the mining industry

The systems within the mining industry can be divided mainly into surface mining and underground mining.

As its name indicates, underground mining is in charge of locating and extracting the minerals that are found under the surface. Although each mine is different since the design and extraction methods are adapted to the type of ore to be extracted and to the particular geological conditions, they have some characteristics in common, such as access and ventilation shafts, escape routes and communication systems.

Surface mine
Surface mine

Surface mining, however, is the predominant system within the industry. Worldwide, surface mining is used to extract 60% of any type of element. The main materials obtained from surface mining are coal, copper, iron, and bauxite. In some countries such as South Africa, Canada, and Russia, diamond surface mines abound.

Surface mining has several advantages over underground mining. In the first place, extraction is easier since it is not necessary to build underground conduits to where the mineral is located, but rather to exploit the soil in an organized manner. It is much safer to work in a surface mine than in an underground one. In surface mines, there are no dangers of toxic or poisonous gases, landslides, or floods, since all the workers are outdoors. These are clear reasons why surface mining is the most important in Latin America.

In addition to the two systems described above, there is also drill hole mining and dredge mining (which includes deep-sea mining).

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Main activities of the mining industry

The two most important activities within the mining industry, regardless of the system that is being used, are production and maintenance.

Production refers to the manufacture of the equipment that will be used to extract the minerals. This can include large bulldozers, trucks, ore and waste sorting machines, train cars, conveyor belts, storage tanks, and more.

Maintenance is perhaps a larger area since it includes the repair and reconstruction of all that equipment along with the accessories that are used. This includes ongoing repair and rebuilding of excavator crane blades (which can have a 5 to 25 cubic meter extraction capacity), truck hoppers (which can have a 35 to 220-ton capacity), and the wagons of the trains that transport the minerals, among other equipment.

Solutions for industries

What is hardfacing

Hardfacing is the process of applying a harder or stronger filler material to a base metal to make it more durable or to extend its useful life. The coating material adds erosion resistance, ductility, and hardness to the original part.

All metal parts, such as those used in the mining industry, will wear out over time, even with normal use. Hardfacing is a widely used option in the mining industry to extend the useful life of parts.

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Technological solutions

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Equipment for Industries

Equipment for the mining industry

So far we have considered various sectors and systems of the mining industry, such as the extraction of metals for industrial use, as well as that of precious metals and stones. There are similarities in the equipment required for the mining industry, regardless of whether it is surface or underground.

In the mining industry, high amperage welding machines are used to execute the SAW (Submerged Arc), SMAW (Stick Welding), GMAW (MIG/MAG) Welding, FCAW (Flux Core Welding), and CAC (Arching or ArcAir, which is used primarily for cutting and removing welds).

Let’s see now which are some of these necessary machines for the mining industry, starting with the welding equipment and reviewing the filler materials and other accessories that can be useful.

What is ArcReach technology

ArcReach technology is a Miller invention that seeks to lower costs, improve safety and increase productivity on job sites. This technology is incorporated in most of the latest models of Miller welding machines.

ArcReach allows operators to make adjustments to weld parameters using the feeder or remote control. In this way, unnecessary trips from the workplace to the power source are avoided each time some of these parameters must be adjusted. In each of these trips, the operators lose time and may also have an accident. In the mining industry, ArcReach technology is almost indispensable.

Welding equipment

The mining industry requires many repairs on the fly as well as a lot of hardfacing to restore heavily used equipment. When it comes to repairs, a portable welding equipment like the Miller CST-282 might make the day. Where hardfacing is a constant, the combination of a heating equipment, like the Miller ProHeat 35 and some powerful welding machine, like the XMT 450 can work together to reach the desired results. 

Most mining operation take place in open spaces. In these cases, engine-driven welders are the only viable option, since they do not require a connection to electrical power to function.

Miller CST 282

Miller CST-282

Miller XMT 450

Miller XMT 450 with ArcReach

ArcReach® SuitCase® 12, Heavy Duty

Miller ArcReach Suitcase 12

Miller Dimension 650 ArcReach

Miller Dimension 650 ArcReach

Miller Big Blue® 800 Duo Air Pak™

Miller Big Blue® 800 Duo Air Pak™

Miller ProHeat 35

Miller ProHeat 35

Miller SubArc AC/DC 1000 Digital

Miller SubArc AC/DC 1000 Digital

Cutting equipment

Cutting equipment is a must for the mining industry because repairs are being done everywhere. A portable cutting equipment, like the Hypertherm Powermax45 is ideal to get the job done. In some cases, the operations might require more power, and the Powermax105 SYNC can be the effective solution needed.

The right cutting equipment is needed in the mining industry for some tasks like repairing damaged buckets, gouging or hardfacing, repairing brackets, etc.

Hypertherm Powermax45 XP

Hypertherm Powermax45

Hypertherm Powermax105 SYNC

Hypertherm Powermax105 SYNC

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