Codinter starts business in Mexico in 2023

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Codinter starts business in Mexico in 2023

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We are very excited to announce our business starting in Mexico. August 1, 2023, is a date that the Codinter organization will never forget because it marks the official opening of operations in Mexico.

Why Mexico

There were several factors that led the Codinter organization to set its eyes on the Mexican market. A growing market, a diversified industry and a strategic location make Mexico a special opportunity for Codinter’s expansion plans. Let’s look at some strengths of Mexico for which Codinter invests in the country.

Wide market

The manufacturing industry in Mexico is well developed. That creates a constant demand for welding, cutting, industrial finishing and automation equipment for various industrial and commercial applications.

Construction industry

The construction industry in Mexico is experiencing significant growth. A large number of roads, bridges, buildings and industrial plants are being constructed. All those constructions need welding, cutting, industrial finishing and automation equipment.

Automotive industry

Mexico is one of the world’s leading vehicle’s manufacturers. Among the basic needs of the automotive industry in Mexico are industrial finishing systems, welding robots, in addition to other welding and cutting equipment.

Exports from Mexico

Mexico’s main trading partner is the United States, with which it shares a border. During 2021 alone, Mexico exported 361 billion US dollars in goods, mainly computers, vehicles and spare parts.

However, Mexico has excelled in international trade, and exports its products to all parts of the world. All this means a lot of production of specialized equipment, which requires laser welders, among other machines.

Skilled labor

Mexico stands out for having a workforce trained in industrial tasks such as welding, plasma cutting, industrial finishing and automation management. This facilitates the implementation of new technologies.

Proximity to the United States and Latin America

Strategically located close to its main trading partners, Mexico is ideal for producing products for the North American market, but shares the culture and language of the rest of Latin America.

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We have experts in welding, cutting, industrial finishing and automation. Take advantage of our experience.

Plans for the short, medium and long terms in Mexico

All sustainable growth is the result of strategic planning. In the case of the opening of operations in Mexico, it could not be different. We have business development plans in the short, medium and long terms. Let us outline these ideas.

Short term

Welding is our most recognized line of business throughout all the territories we serve. We have been an international Miller distributor for over 40 years. The first step within the Mexican territory will be to publicize our portfolio of welding products.

In addition to Miller, we are also representatives of Ronch, a welding brand known for its power and durability. The most recent product of this brand are laser welders, which come to occupy an indispensable space in the world of welding.

Medium term

Other business lines that make up Codinter’s portfolio are cutting, industrial finishing and automation equipment. In Mexico, the need for products and services in this category is increasing every day. We have come to demonstrate that products and services of excellent quality make the difference in the industrial field.

The effective introduction of these business lines corresponds to Codinter Mexico’s plans for the medium term.

Long term

Consolidating our presence in Mexican territory and expanding our range of influence is what we have on the agenda for the long term. We will achieve that through business developments focused on making industrial plants more effective and efficient, whatever their niche.

Our experts in welding, cutting, industrial finishing and automation are constantly traveling internationally to support industries in their production processes. Every time we see an opportunity for improvement, we expose it. We know that the growth of our customers is our growth as well.

Our business proposal for industry in Mexico

Within the warmth that characterizes the Latin culture, people from Querétaro, Mexico, surprise with their warmth, kindness and willingness to help. Apart from the natural beauty that Querétaro offers, its excellent location within Mexico benefits the commercial exchange.

Codinter is located in an impressive industrial complex with newly built warehouses within a concept of work functionality and well-being. These smart facilities have nature trails, a gym for all team members, a huge restaurant and even spaces for all kinds of meetings and conventions.

Our contact details:

Address: Paseo Centenario del Ejército Mexicano, KM 1+37, Bodega D1, Col. Terrapark Centenario, C.P. 76267, El Marqués, Querétaro.

Phone: (+52) 554-170-8207


The Codinter Mexico Team

The team of Codinter Mexico is led by engineer Alfredo Aguilar. Alfredo has more than 30 years of experience in the metal processing industry. Of that time, 20 years were spent at ITW Welding Mexico, in different management positions. His management style is focused on effective leadership through high performance teams.

Another fifteen members of the team collaborate, from their area of specialization, to achieve the goal of growing the Codinter organization also in Mexico.

The proposal for Mexico

As an organization our business proposal is to provide quality products and services for industrial and personal use in a simple and friendly way, with a glocal and personalized approach, agile attention, fair price and excellent customer service.

This is a reflection of our five pillars of service, which purpose is to make everything close, affordable, simple, friendly and fast for our customers.

We are an organization that has been growing since day one and we came to Mexico to support all industries looking to do the same. We want to become the strategic ally of all those companies that want to leave a legacy in Mexico.

Having arrived in Mexico is a great satisfaction for the Codinter family, but it only marks the beginning of a path that will continue forever, now also in the hearts of the Mexican people.

Everything you need to weld

More than 40 years of welding experience

We started in 1979 and now we are throughout the Americas with all what is related to welding.

Growth is part of Codinter's DNA

Codinter was founded in 1979 in Colombia. Since its inception, growth has been part of Codinter’s DNA. At the beginning the expansion was within Colombia. After a few years, from having a single office, we had four locations within the country (Cali, Bogotá, Medellín and Jamundí).

In the sister country of Venezuela, the first international office was opened, back in 1985, paving the way for the multinationality that identifies us as an organization.

The next milestone in this growth spiral was the opening of operations in the United States at the beginning of 1997. This catapulted international sales, gaining customers in more than 125 countries, from all continents.

In 2017, during a time of change, it was time to start operations in Brazil. It is a satisfaction to see how that team and that market have grown so far.

Finally, after detailed planning, today we open our branch in Mexico. More than four decades of doing business with transparency have brought us here, and we will continue relentlessly in our continued growth.

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