The best spray guns for refinishing in 2023

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The best spray guns for refinishing in 2023

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Spray guns for refinishing are right in the center of the whole painting universe. They are the main component in every refinishing shop. An expert painter, with the right refinishing spray gun, can do an impressive work, faster and easier than others.

There are several types of spray guns, but in this article, we are going to talk about the ones used for refinishing, that is to paint vehicles, like cars, buses, motorcycles, etc. Since the automotive industry covers around the 25% of worldwide economy, there is a huge market for spray guns for refinishing.

Why are spray guns for refinishing so important?

Every refinishing shop must have manual spray guns. Without them it is impossible to tackle any refinishing job. But it is not only having any spray gun, but the ideal-for-the-job and excellent quality spray gun what makes the difference. We can state here a few key reasons why having the ideal spray guns are extremely important tools for automotive refinishing.

Achieving a smooth, flawless finish: Properly spraying paint with a good spray gun leads to a uniform, professional looking finish free of brush marks or imperfections.

Efficiency and productivity: Spray guns allow painters to cover large surface areas much faster than brushing or rolling paint. This equipment speeds up the refinishing process, especially when painting entire cars or large body panels.

Precise application control: Cutting edge technology spray guns provide excellent atomization and pattern control to apply coatings with accuracy, reducing waste and overspray. This allows allocating the coating exactly where it needs to go.

Reaching difficult areas: The fine atomization from a good quality spray gun can reach into recesses, crevices, and edges that are hard to access with an average spray gun. This ensures complete coverage.

Higher quality paint jobs: If you, as a paint workshop owner, want happy clients that keep coming, give them an outstanding service. The results are far superior in terms of gloss, depth of color, and smoothness when using the appropriate spray gun for refinishing.

Enhanced durability: Paint coatings applied with a state-of-the-art spray gun can be built up to thicker, more durable films that better protect the underlying substrate. On the other hand, spray guns for refinishing can be expensive, but the ones from a renowned manufacturer will last longer.

For these reasons, high quality spray guns are essential tools in the automotive refinishing trade. They enable painters to work faster while achieving beautiful, long-lasting finishes.

This being said, let’s review now 5 of the best spray guns for refinishing in 2023.

The best finishing

The best atomization for refinishing

DeVilbiss’ state-of-the-art spray guns will provide the nicest finishing you want to apply to every surface.

5th place: DeVilbiss GPG

The DeVilbiss GPG is a high-end spray gun used for automotive painting and refinishing applications. Here are some key features of the DeVilbiss GPG spray gun:

High atomization: The DeVilbiss GPG has an optimized air cap and fluid tip design that atomizes paint extremely finely, allowing for smooth, uniform finishes.

Reduced overspray: The high atomization coupled with lower air pressures results in less overspray and higher transfer efficiency.

Multiple nozzle sizes: Comes with different fluid tip and needle sizes to handle a range of viscosity paints and get different spray patterns/fan widths.

Easy cleanup: It has a solvent resistant seal construction and simple disassembly for quick cleaning of the gun.

Ergonomic design: Lightweight composite body with soft grip handle provides comfort during prolonged use.

Adjustable pattern control: Fan pattern can be adjusted from round to a wide, oval shape by turning a knob on the rear of the gun.

High quality construction: Made from durable materials like stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and brass. Built to last in professional shop use.

Works with most paints: Can spray anything from primers and basecoats to single stage enamels and clearcoats.

DeVilbiss GPG
DeVilbiss GPG

The DeVilbiss GPG delivers the fine finish control and atomization needed for high quality refinishing jobs, making it a popular choice among professional auto painters and collision repair technicians. It’s a versatile, high-end spray gun option.

Technical features of the DeVilbiss GPG

Air Cap Offerings
Air Cap7E7GPG2C86C30PR10PR30
Atomization TypeHigh EfficiencyHVLPConventionalConventionalHigh EfficiencyHVLP
ApplicationsBasecoats, ClearcoatsBasecoats, ClearcoatsBasecoats, ClearcoatsBasecoats, ClearcoatsPrimersPrimers
Recommended Inlet PressurePSI16-2222-2629-4429-5826-2917-21
Max Air ConsumptionSCFM10.815.910.610.81216
Fan Pattern Sizein9.5-10.511.5-12.010.5-11.59.5-10.510.5-12.011.0-13.0
Nozzle Sizes1.2-1.4 mm1.2-2.2 mm1.4-1.8 mm1.4-1.8 mm1.4-2.5 mm1.4-2.5 mm

4th place: DeVilbiss DV1-S

The DeVilbiss DV1-S spray gun is an affordable, entry-level spray gun designed for automotive refinishing spot repair. Here are some key features:

Compact and lightweight: Weighing only 12.5 ounces (about 369.67 ml), the DV1-S has a composite body that makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

Self-adjusting needle packing: Requires minimal maintenance or adjustment, with a self-adjusting needle packing that maintains proper fluid tip seal.

Vented grip: Has holes in the grip to prevent fatigue during long paint sessions by promoting airflow to the painter’s hand.

1.3 mm and 1.4 mm tips: Comes standard with two needle/tip sizes for flexibility in spraying primers, paints, clears, etc.

600 cc aluminum cup: Decent capacity cup to reduce frequent refilling. Cup liner prevents paint sticking.

Serviceable air valve: Air valve/seal is serviceable for extended gun life. Rebuild kits available.

Low 10 psi operation: Designed for best results at lower air pressures using modern paint materials. Reduces overspray.

Easy to clean and maintain: Simple construction allows easy cleaning and maintenance for ongoing use.

Economical option: Provides very good quality finishes while being reasonably priced for a professional grade spray gun.

DeVilbiss DV1-S
DeVilbiss DV1-S

The DeVilbiss DV1-S is suitable for users looking for an affordable and reliable spray gun that can handle the rigors of a busy auto body shop or collision center. It’s easy to set up and use for those newer to spraying.

Technical features of the DeVilbiss DV1-S

DV1 Air Caps
Air Cap P/N704451704452704453
Air Cap TypeDV1-M1 Micro (HVLP)DV1-S1 Plus (HVLP)DV1-S2 (HVLP)
Rec Air Inlet Pressure1.0 bar (15 psi)2.0 bar (29 psi)2.0 bar (29 psi)
Air Consumption50 L/min (1.8 scfm)115 L/min (4.1 scfm)130 L/min (4.6 scfm)
Fluid Flow1 - 50 g/min5-125 g/min5 - 125 g/m
Pattern Height60 mm (2.4 in)200 mm (7.9 in)180 mm (7.1 in)

3rd place: DeVilbiss Prolite

The DeVilbiss Prolite is a lightweight spray gun designed for automotive refinishing applications. There is one gravity feed and one pressure feed model of DeVilbiss Prolite. In this article we are referring to the gravity one. Here are some key features:

Composite body: The composite resin body makes the Prolite lighter and more ergonomic than conventional metal guns. Reduces fatigue.

No-bleed design: Special fluid passages prevent paint from wicking back and drying in the gun when not in use. Minimizes cleaning time.

Self-adjusting needle packings: Automatically maintain proper seal on fluid tips for consistent spray performance without daily adjustments.

Adjustable spray pattern: Fan pattern control allows adjusting from a round spray to a wide fan pattern. Provides versatility.

TEKNA fluid tips: Precision machined tips optimize atomization while resisting wear from abrasive paints. Improves finish quality.

Anodized aluminum parts: Fluid cup, air cap, and lid are made from anodized aluminum for durability and easier cleaning.

Easy maintenance: Simple construction allows easy disassembly for cleaning and replacing parts like fluid tips or seals.

Lightweight aluminum cup: Reduces hand fatigue compared to heavy steel paint cups when painting for long periods.

Suitable for all paint types: Can spray primers, basecoats, single stage colors, urethanes, clearcoats, etc.

DeVilbiss Prolite
DeVilbiss Prolite

The DeVilbiss Prolite combines light weight with advanced atomization technology to make painting cars for long periods comfortable and produce exceptional results. It’s designed for high productivity in a refinish shop.

Technical features of the DeVilbiss Prolite

Weight (gun only)445 g
Gun BodyAnodized Aluminum
Air CapPlated Brass
Air Cap Retaining Ring & KnobsClear Anodized Aluminum
Fluid NozzleStainless Steel
Fluid NeedleStainless Steel
Air Inlet Thread1/4" Universal
Air Cap Offerings
Air CapTE10TE20TE25T110HV30
Atomization TypeHigh EfficiencyHigh EfficiencyHigh EfficiencyHigh EfficiencyHVLP
ApplicationsBasecoats, ClearcoatsBasecoats, ClearcoatsBasecoats, ClearcoatsBasecoats, ClearcoatsBasecoats, Clearcoats
Recommended Inlet PressurePSI20-3516-2622-2922-2914-25
Max Air ConsumptionSCFM10.91212.49.415.5
Fan Pattern Sizein11.0-12.011.0-11.510.5-11.011.0-12.011.5-12.5
Nozzle Sizes1.1-1.5 mm1.1-1.5 mm1.1-1.5 mm1.1-1.5 mm1.1-1.5 mm

2nd place: DeVilbiss DV1 Basecoat

The DeVilbiss DV1 Basecoat spray gun is an HVLP (high volume, low pressure) gravity feed gun specifically designed for applying automotive basecoat paints. Some key features:

Optimized fluid passages: Precision-machined passages assist basecoat flow and minimize premature drying in the gun.

1.2 mm and 1.4 mm fluid tips: Comes with two tip sizes suitable for most basecoat viscosities to optimize atomization.

Bleeder-style air valve: Gives precise air flow control for the best basecoat atomization and pattern shapes.

500cc aluminum cup: Provides good paint capacity so frequent refilling isn’t necessary. Has cup vent for steady paint flow.

TEKNA Pro Lite fluid tips: Resists wear from metallic and mica basecoats that can quickly damage tips. Improves durability.

Adjustable pattern control: Easily adjusted from round to wide fan spray pattern for versatility.

Anodized aluminum parts: Air cap, lid, and cup made from anodized aluminum for durability and easy cleaning.

Balanced lightweight body: Comfortable to use for long periods without fatigue.

Easy maintenance: Simple design allows easy disassembly for cleaning and replacing parts when needed.

DeVilbiss DV1 Basecoat
DeVilbiss DV1 Basecoat

The efficient fluid delivery and optimized air flow of the DV1 Basecoat provides excellent metallic control and consistent coverage when applying automotive basecoats. It helps maximize painter productivity.

Technical features of the DeVilbiss DV1 Basecoat


Solvent and Waterborne Basecoats

  • DGi Pod Gauge Pressure: 22 PSI, 1.5 BAR
  • Air Flow: 10.5 SCFM, 300 LPM
  • Order No: 704408

DV1-B HVLP Air Cap

Solvent and Waterborne Basecoats

  • Inlet Pressure: 15 PSI, 1.0 BAR
  • Air Flow: 14.1 SCFM, 400 LPM
  • Order No: 704407

1st place: DeVilbiss DV1 Clearcoat

The DeVilbiss DV1 Clearcoat is an HVLP spray gun designed specifically for applying automotive clearcoat finishes. Some key features are:

1.2mm and 1.3mm fluid tips: Comes with two tip sizes to handle a range of clearcoat viscosities and get optimal atomization.

Bleeder style air valve: Allows precise air pressure adjustment for maximum atomization of clearcoats.

600cc aluminum cup: A large capacity cup means less frequent refilling trips when applying multiple coats of clear.

Adjustable pattern control: Easily adjusted from round to oval spray patterns. Useful for blending clearcoat.

TEKNA Pro Lite fluid tips: Wear resistant tips provide long service life even with abrasive clearcoats.

Anodized aluminum parts: Air cap, lid, and cup won’t corrode from strong solvents in clearcoats.

Ergonomic lightweight body: Reduces fatigue when polishing out cars for hours at a time.

Easy maintenance design: Simple to disassemble and clean when required. Fluid tips and seals can be easily replaced.

No-bleed fluid passages: Prevents clearcoat from drying in the gun between applications.

DeVilbiss DV1 Clearcoat
DeVilbiss DV1 Clearcoat

The optimized air flows and fan pattern controls allow the DV1 Clearcoat to deliver glossy, defect-free clearcoat finishes with high transfer efficiency. It’s purpose-built for automotive refinishing productivity.

Technical features of the DeVilbiss DV1 Clearcoat

DV1-C1 PLUS (HVLP) Air Cap

Solvent and Waterborne Clearcoats

  • DGi Pod Gauge Pressure: 22 PSI, 1.5 BAR
  • Air Flow: 10 SCFM, 285 LPM
  • Order No: 704434

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Why use DeVilbiss spray guns?

You might have noticed that all the 5 spray guns for refinishing that we are including in this selection are DeVilbiss. There is a clear reason for that: DeVilbiss manufactures the best spray guns in the world, hands down.

DeVilbiss has been a leading, well-respected brand for automotive refinishing spray guns for decades, known for reliable, high-performing spray guns like the DV1 series. It’s ideal for auto body professional painters. Here are some reasons why DeVilbiss is highly regarded:

Proven reliability: DeVilbiss spray guns for refinishing are made with quality components and strict tolerances for long service life, even with heavy daily use. They can handle high production painting shops.

Excellent finish quality: Optimized air caps and fluid tips provide superb atomization for smooth, consistent finishes. It reduces orange peel.

Good ergonomics: Most DeVilbiss guns have composite bodies and lightweight designs to reduce fatigue during long paint sessions.

Easy maintenance: Simple construction with minimal parts allows for easy cleaning and replacement of common wear items like fluid tips.

Wide range of models: DeVilbiss offers spray guns tailored to specific painting tasks like primer, basecoat, clearcoat, etc.

Durable components: Parts like stainless steel fluid passages, anodized bodies, and wear-resistant fluid tips prolong service life.

Reasonable pricing: DeVilbiss spray equipment is very cost competitive for the level of quality and performance provided. They are not the cheapest spray gun for refinishing, but you are going to get your money’s worth with them.

Excellent brand reputation: Trusted brand with decades of experience in paint spray technology and innovation.

With the right training and setup, DeVilbiss spray guns can produce flawless, show-quality paint jobs efficiently. They represent a great value for professionals focused on productivity and finish quality.

What spray gun for refinishing is for you?

The answer depends on your specific needs. According to the size of your auto body repair shop you might need more than one of the same models. Also, depending on the number of painters, cabins, and the service speed you want to achieve, you might need one spray gun model or the other.

In any case, we have introduced you here to 5 of the top spray guns for refinishing. Contact us at any moment to guide you regarding which ones you might need to get, to enhance your painting shop.

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